How to Grow Chrysanthemum Flowers


The colorful and pleasant flowers known as chrysanthemums are a delight to have in any garden. They happen to be quite easy to grow for flowers of such beauty. Being that their name is so long and difficult to spell, many people refer to them as simply “mums”. You’ll want to start growing mums in […]

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Lawn Care Advice For Gardening Novices

Lawn Care

When it comes to tending to a garden, a little experience and knowledge will definitely help.  However, you don’t need to be expert in order to maintain a beautiful lawn because it only takes a good routine, the right tools, and a lot of enthusiasm in order to achieve lush greenery. Here is a little […]

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An Introduction to Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees

Japanese gardeners have practised the art of bonsai over centuries, and in the last hundred years an interest in bonsai has spread through the Western world as well. The bonsai gardener plants a tree or shrub, tends it and trains it with cutting and wires so that it grows to the gardener’s preferred shape in […]

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Why Choose an LED Grow Light for Your Plants?

LED Grow Light

Getting a LED grow light is the first thing to be considered while setting up to grow plants or hydroponic gardens indoors. It is very difficult to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs all the year around due to the natural inconsistency of outdoor lighting, and grow lights provide a controllable alternative which is both cost-effective […]

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DIY Plumbing Project: Building a Slow Drip Line

Slow Drip Line

While irrigation sprinkler systems can save you the time and effort needed to maintain your garden or landscaping, Champs Houston Plumbing experts say that a slow drip line offers a more economical alternative.  Unlike water sprinkler systems that can end up consuming a lot of water, a slow drip line supplies the water directly to the plant […]

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Using Garden Edging in your Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

A garden can be both beautiful and useful. Just because you are starting  vegetable gardening doesn’t mean your garden can’t be attractive to the eyes. Using garden edging is a great way to add beauty and a unique style to your vegetable garden. Garden edging is simply working on the edge of your garden bed. Instead of leaving […]

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The Garden Cart: An Indispensable Garden Accessory

Garden Cart

One of the most popular pastimes in spring, summer and fall is gardening. Done by individuals of every age and background, gardening can be any number of things: Relaxing; utilitarian; a means of doing moderate exercise; or just a way of getting outside and enjoying the weather. All one needs to start a garden is […]

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Composting Basics


Are you interested in living a more simple lifestyle?  Are you interested in learning about “going green”?  Are you interested in creating your own fertilizer and mulch?  And are you interested in saving a lot of money?   If you have answered yes to all of these questions, you are a person who is interested […]

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