How to Grow Chrysanthemum Flowers


The colorful and pleasant flowers known as chrysanthemums are a delight to have in any garden. They happen to be quite easy to grow for flowers of such beauty. Being that their name is so long and difficult to spell, many people refer to them as simply “mums”.

You’ll want to start growing mums in the spring when the temperatures warming up. Start growing Chrysanthemums before April to avoid having the summer heat singe the plants before the flowers appear. To get a head start, start the seeds in a pot or greenhouse inside the house. This way you will be ready to plant the young flowers as soon as the weather permits.

There are two different types of Mum seeds, each of which are better suited to different environments. The Florist mums like average weather with no harsh temperatures. The Hardy mums can handle more extreme weather such as freezing winters. Knowing which type of seed to plant is important if you want to successfully grow chrysanthemums. If you are not sure what would best suit your climate and location you could either ask your local gardening shop what they recommend or simply opt for the more hardy type.

Choosing the right area to grow the Mums is essential. Areas of the garden which have well draining soil are ideal. The soil should be deep and rich. Pull out any and all crabgrass that is present in the garden bed.  If there is too much water in the soil, the roots can rot. When using containers, make sure that they drain well. This is extremely important if you wish to successfully grow them.

Plant the seedlings in rows at 18 inch spacing. The chrysanthemum plant should be able to grow to full size without touching any of the surrounding plant life. New plants should be shaded from harsh sun as to not cause shock–there are several ways to do this, simply choose something that is easy for you to implement and not too costly. Again, if you’re not sure what to do check what others in your area are doing or ask at your local gardening shop. In general, weekly water application should be done. However, extreme temperatures may require the watering frequency to be altered to suit.

When winter comes, it is prudent to protect the plants by covering them with mulch. This will allow them to return next spring without your having to plant new seeds. To enhance the growth every year, pull off any new that you see up until summer time. The chrysanthemum will then grow very rapidly for the remainder of the season.