Lawn Care Advice For Gardening Novices

Lawn Care

When it comes to tending to a garden, a little experience and knowledge will definitely help.  However, you don’t need to be expert in order to maintain a beautiful lawn because it only takes a good routine, the right tools, and a lot of enthusiasm in order to achieve lush greenery.

Here is a little bit of lawn care advice for garden novices:

Go Green on Fertilizers

Everyone knows that garden soil needs nutrients which means working to a sensible lawn feeding schedule.  Using natural fertilizers is always a better choice, especially if you want for the garden to stay healthy and the plants green, in a way that’s still friendly to the environment.  First rake the lawn with a spring rake and then add a slow release organic feed and water it in well.

Water According to the Weather

Excellent lawn care starts with good watering routine so you have to make it a point to take note of the prevailing weather.  During the summer, it is best to water more often but in smaller increments.  Having a sprinkler system would be very helpful since you would not have to stand in your garden a few times a day just to properly hydrate it. If you are able to afford to do so you could look into a sprinkling system that can be set up with a timer so it is totally automated. Otherwise, even a regular sprinkler system where you have to physically turn the faucet on yourself will be sure to save you quite a bit of time.  You may need to move the sprinklers around from time to time also, as your garden is developed, so it is a good thing to keep tuned into from time to time.

Pay Attention to Weeds and Insects

Another good thing to learn when you have a garden to tend is spotting weeds as well as other pests.  Keep in mind that weeds take nutrients away from the grass which can result in a weak patchy lawn.  Insects can also wreak havoc so it is good to take care of such problem before it gets out of hand.  However, be sure to kill only the pests and not garden friendly insects such as lady bugs and bees.

Having a great lawn is such a joy but it will take some effort in order to achieve this and maintain it.  Being observant and curious would come in handy especially when it comes to dealing with infestation as well as other problems. The best way to maintain your lawn and garden is to do it regularly rather than working on it in bursts whenever time permits. Schedule some time each week or two, or as often as you need to in order to keep it looking great, and stick to your schedule. If you are not personally able to take care of your lawn and garden as often as you would like to or you feel you need to, you may want to look into the possibility of hiring a gardener to come and take care of the more tedious jobs on a scheduled basis. They do cost but it is a matter of weighing up time versus money when it comes to keeping your garden in tip top shape.