The Garden Cart: An Indispensable Garden Accessory

Garden Cart

One of the most popular pastimes in spring, summer and fall is gardening. Done by individuals of every age and background, gardening can be any number of things: Relaxing; utilitarian; a means of doing moderate exercise; or just a way of getting outside and enjoying the weather. All one needs to start a garden is a patch of land, some seeds, and the patience to see the project through. Certain gardening accessories also help to make the activity easier. One such accessory is a garden cart.

Garden wagons and carts come in every imaginable variety, and like the act of gardening itself, can serve multiple purposes. You may prefer a purely useful tool to assist in the transporting of produce, watering cans and other gardening accessories, or you may wish it to serve a primarily decorative purpose.  Here are some of the garden cart options that you may wish to consider.

The first type, mentioned above, is the one that is purely functional. This cart is rugged, able to withstand considerable wear and tear, and resistant to extremes in weather conditions. Most often this type of wagon will be made of a durable material such as metal, or a combination of metal and wood. It is also possible to find rugged carts made of durable plastic materials. These types of carts are especially useful in situations where heavy or bulky items must be transported. Using this tool can not only save time; but also considerable strain and exertion caused by manually transporting heavy or bulky materials.

The second type of wagon is primarily decorative in function. Although this cart may be used to transport materials, it will also be aesthetically pleasing, and a visual feature of the garden itself. Look for carts made with wrought iron detailing and wood slats. To make a permanent installation within the garden, consider planting flowers or vegetables directly in the cart.