Using Unfinished Furniture

Using Unfinished Furniture

For those looking to make their home decor a little more personal, buying unfinished furniture can be the start of a fun and rewarding project that can involve the entire family.

Unfinished furniture is completely crafted but has yet to receive the finishing stain that gives the piece its own unique look.  That leaves you a little room to become creative.  You can find any variety of wood stain you want at a local hardware store, or you can opt to paint the piece instead.  This allows you to creatively craft your piece or match them to furniture you already own.

Using unfinished furniture can also be great for children’s furniture.  Kids like having a sense of control over their own room, and letting them help finish their furniture can give them a great feeling of accomplishment.  Choosing a bookcase or a dresser to let them paint in their own style can be a fun project and make their room more uniquely their own.  As they grow older they can paint over their earlier work and create something new.

Another advantage is that unfinished furniture can typically be found at a lower price than its finished counterpart.  The cost of labor adds significantly more to the final price tag than a can of varnish from the store would run.

The lack of varnish also gives you a chance to examine the piece up close for any flaws, scratches, or weak joints.  Without the concealing layer of color, you get a chance to fully see what you are about to purchase and make a better informed decision.

Unfinished furniture can be a unique twist on the typical furniture purchasing project.  It allows for more freedom and creativity while saving you money and letting you see what kind of value you are truly getting.