Decorative Hat Boxes

Hat Boxes

Decorative boxes are usable in every room in the home. This is because of their versatility by both serving practical storage needs and fitting in with any sort of decorating style. Boxes in a kitchen can hold recipe cards, while in a family room boxes can be kept under the coffee table to hold small […]

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An Antique Settee Speaks of Grace and Elegance

Antique Settee

An antique settee is a joy to behold. If you are lucky enough to happen upon just the right combination of style and finish, with the upholstery you prefer, then you have in fact found a treasure. For many, though, part of the pursuit includes the dream of refinishing a find or of seeing a fabric long […]

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Beautify Your Home with a Papasan Chair

Papasan Chair

For a lot of home owners, it’s inherently vital that their home be really beautiful and appealing. Most of them even go to the extent of asking the help of interior designers to enhance the look of their houses. A beautifully decorated dwelling makes any visitor bear in mind the beauty and appeal of the […]

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Make Your Room Design Unique With A Mirror


One of the most underutilized pieces of furniture is the mirror. Most people just use it as a functional piece so that they can see their reflection, shave their face or brush their hair. If this is how you use a mirror then you are definitely missing out. The mirror when used correctly can be a very […]

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Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small Bathroom

Whether you have just moved into a new apartment, or you are remodeling and renovating your guest bathroom, there are tons of design ideas that can make a small bathroom not only look great, but also help it to be highly functional. Try some of the following bathroom makeovers or use the following bathroom designs […]

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Choosing An Indoor Water Feature

Water Feature

When it comes to making home decor decisions it is very important that you get things right.  You want your home to look it’s very best and adding home decorating accessories that don’t mix with the other furniture or are in the wrong places can ruin the style of a room.  Hopefully by taking the […]

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Choosing the Best Couches for Your Living Room


Any home owner will tell you that choosing the best couches for the living room can be quite a challenge in itself. We all know that couches and sofas are the focal point of any living room, meaning it is the first thing that a guest notices and the one that will contribute greatly toward the first […]

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