Make Your Room Design Unique With A Mirror


One of the most underutilized pieces of furniture is the mirror. Most people just use it as a functional piece so that they can see their reflection, shave their face or brush their hair. If this is how you use a mirror then you are definitely missing out. The mirror when used correctly can be a very effective decorative feature in a room. Whether you’re using contemporary wall mirrors or antique style Venetian glass mirrors they can help transform the look of a room and make it unique and attractive.

The reflective qualities of the mirror have been known and used for centuries. They can be used to make a small space look much larger instantly. With the correct positioning the mirror can reflect light into the darkest corners of a room and change the mood and atmosphere completely. If you are planning to redesign one of you rooms make sure you do not forget to use the mirror. The great thing is the amazing array of mirror styles on offer. You will not have a problem finding a style that can enhance your own design.

One particular style of mirror that has reached iconic status is the starburst mirror. The starburst design is instantly recognisable. As its name suggests it looks like an exploding star. In the middle is a round concave mirror and protruding from this are long vertical spokes of varying lengths. The starburst comes in an array of different colours but it looks the most spectacular in either gold or silver. This style of mirror was very popular in the 1950’s and is now making a comeback with the interest in retro style furniture. The starburst is very versatile because it can be used in any room in the house and they look particularly well in those areas that are starved of light such as the hallway and stairs.