Decorative Hat Boxes

Hat Boxes

Decorative boxes are usable in every room in the home. This is because of their versatility by both serving practical storage needs and fitting in with any sort of decorating style. Boxes in a kitchen can hold recipe cards, while in a family room boxes can be kept under the coffee table to hold small items. Boxes can also be used in bathrooms for things like cotton balls. Any open shelves in a room can house boxes that coordinate with each other and the room itself. Boxes can have holiday or seasonal themes, and can also be used to wrap gifts. One particular type of decorative box are hat boxes.

The boxes used for storing and protecting hats are generally round, and are often made with thin cardboard or heavy paper. The design for hat boxes varies wildly, and they can be anywhere from simple and white to covered in a pattern of any sort. Boxes are also available that are designed to look vintage, like the decorative hat boxes that were made 100 years ago. More contemporary boxes are another option. Hat boxes have far more uses than simply keeping hats, though of course they serve that purpose very well. Whatever you store in them, though, many hat boxes are attractive enough to set out in room, rather than putting them out of sight in a closet. Since hat boxes are usually decently sized, they can also be used throughout the home for storing various items. If you have a plain box you might want to decorate it yourself to personalize it or make it fit a particular room better. If you are especially industrious, you might even try your hand at making hat boxes.

Round decorative storage boxes are rarer than rectangular ones and so can catch the eye immediately, and added with the many designs available this makes it likely for a hat’s box to be used more often than the hat itself.