Decorating homes with an upside down Christmas tree

Christmas tree

It is assumed that the top of the tree will be thinnest as it grows up and so during holiday season of Christmas this is how the Christmas tree is represented. A new fad that has been spreading fast is to use an upside down Christmas tree.

Its history goes back to the seventh century when Christianity was being preached to the masses by a German monk. The shape of a triangle was used by him to depict the Holy Ghost, Son and Father. This type of tree was being used widely by the 12th century. The same style of the tree as symbol of Christianity was used by this monk to preach to the Pagans.

In modern times during Christmas celebrations these trees can be found in a number of stores. Different types of gifts and ornaments are given as present by one person to another. Showing of all these decorations can be done better when the tree is upside down.

It is not only the extra space that is available underneath the upside down Christmas tree but pets and children also have difficulty in reaching the tree. It only means that there are no damages to the ornaments by the curious children. Artificial varieties of these trees are also available from many retailers. It comes in designs that can be placed on the stand, already decorated or pre-lit versions. Because it is available in several tones of colors, there is no difficulty in finding the tree in a suitable color and style.

This type of unique trees can easily be found at a nearest Christmas-Tree-Shop. For smaller apartments and homes where it is not possible to place a tree that touches the ceiling, this upside down tree is available in many sizes for easy placement. Different height of this tree can be found at any of the retail stores selling it.

This latest trend of an upside down Christmas tree is fast spreading. For the Christmas which is a big time of the year to celebrate, this tree is sure to enhance the decoration.