Concrete Underfloor Heating Installation Advice

Underfloor Heating

If you have decided that you wish to attempt underfloor heating installation all by yourself you will be pleased to learn that it is an uncomplicated process.

To start the underfloor heating installation process you will first need to measure the area where you plan to install the system.  This will ensure that everything will fit properly.  You will also need to create a sketch of the floor.  This step is done so that the correct size of the devimat can be determined.  The sketch will need to show where the devimat is to be installed and the position of the power connections in the room.  The mat has to begin and end at the same place.

The nest step of the installation process is to cut a groove into both the floor and the wall.  It should be about 10 millimeters deep and wide.  This is for the sensor switch.  The sensor switch will be pushed through a tube.  It will then be laid in the groove.  After you have done this, you will need to tape up the end.

If there are corners and obstacles in your way, you may cut the mat to get around them.  Keep in mind that the red heating cable should not be cut.  Last, you will need to get a tile adhesive.  Once you have the adhesive you can lay it over the mat.  The tiles can then be laid over the mat.  It is just like laying regular tiles— the only difference being that you will need a thicker coat of adhesive.

As this process is rather simple, anyone who has had some DIY experience should be able to do it.  If for some reason you need help, you can call the store from which you purchased the materials.  The sales people should be able to advise you on solutions on any issues you may have.