Building A Cottage Playhouse

Cottage Playhous

Sure you could head to the store and get a cottage playhouse that just pieces together but you could also take the time to make one. There is such a special feeling that comes with knowing you have handmade something for your child from the ground up. They will treasure it that much more and this way you can also customize it however you want.

There are a few steps to follow if you plan to construct your own toy playhouses. Start by coming up with a basic plan. Figure out how large this playhouse should be, how many levels, what features you want included inside of it, what materials to use to make it and so on. These are all things you will need to decide on before moving ahead.

Using the information you have come up with you can now move on to gathering your supplies and tools. You probably have the basic tools you need already including a hammer, nails, wood, siding and paint. That is pretty much all you need for the job.

Start by building the base or floor. Outdoor playhouses are for children so they need to be safe and secure. Build a square using four pieces of wood, ensuring the playhouse will be the correct size, and then nail in pieces of wood parallel to each other. You may also opt to use carpenter’s glue along the edges before gluing, if you want added hold.

Now you start moving up the sides, installing pieces of wood upwards and around. Make the ceiling and cover everything in siding. Remember to leave spaces for the windows and door. This will ensure there is enough air going through the playhouse and keep it from getting stuffy when the kids are inside it.

At this point it is pretty much all about decoration. You can paint the playhouse, install a mini fridge or sink if you like and do whatever else you decide on in order to make it the perfect little playhouse for your children.