How To Maintain Kitchen Doors Made Of Oak

Kitchen Doors

The kitchen door has to be taken care of properly just like any other furniture in your home. The door can quickly start losing its shine and look as if it has been made centuries ago. You can do some amount of refinishing and make it look as good as new. To avoid such conditions you have to maintain the doors properly by taking care of them regularly. In this way, you can save some money which should otherwise be given as service charges to professionals.

Different kinds of doors may require different maintenance procedures. For example, wooden doors can be kept neat and clean by wiping them with a soft cloth to remove any accumulated dust. If the kitchen doors are made of oak you have to follow a different procedure.

Here is how to maintain kitchen doors made of oak. First, dismantle the door by removing the hinges; when the door is taken out clean it thoroughly by using warm soapy water. After washing, let the door dry thoroughly; when the door is dry use a filling to cover any holes or scratches on the door.

By sanding you can even out the protruding surfaces of the door caused by the filling. You can use a 150 grit block for sanding the door. When the sanding is done use a cloth to remove any residue. For a stunning finish use a polyurethane gloss on the doors. You can also maintain the kitchen cabinet doors in this way. The oak doors will look fresh and transform the appearance of your kitchen. To maintain the door’s look take proper care regularly by using a soft cloth to wipe the doors once every 2-3 days.

Ensure that you clean the door knobs also. You have to start cleaning from the top portion of the cabinets. Remember to keep the doors of the cabinets always closed to keep away crawling insects, moisture and dust. All these will ensure that your kitchen door and cabinet doors are in good condition.