An Introduction to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen is usually the heart and soul of a home.  Keeping it functional is the main concern for the most of us; however, it is also really important that our kitchen looks its best at all times.  An important part of a kitchen are the cabinets.  Aside from being a prominent feature in most kitchens, it is also usually the place where important kitchen utensils are stored.  It is therefore very important to keep the cabinet free from dirt and damage that can compromise the credibility of your cooking.  Thus, when your cabinet doors and hinges are worn out and are impossible to repair, then there is only one practical thing for you to do other than replacing it: you must reface it.

Kitchen cabinet refacing has been around for quite a while.  Aside from being cheaper compared to having a totally new cabinet installed in your kitchen, it also offers you the power to truly customize the look and feel of your cabinet.  Just work carefully, and when you are finished you will feel how it is to be having a whole brand new kitchen again.

In refurbishing your cabinet you may find yourself overwhelmed at first.  Luckily there are companies out there that specialize in cabinet refacing.  They offer you a huge variety of styles to choose from for a cost that is still very affordable compared to completely remodeling your kitchen.  First, both you and the company’s professional designer will meet to discuss what style and design you are going for.  The company then will do their measurements and prepare a comprehensive design plan for your cabinet.  With the staff doing all the work, going for a designing company will usually get your cabinet refacing order done in about a week.

You may also prefer the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach in refacing your cabinet.  Though this may be more difficult compared to hiring a designing crew to do the job for you, doing the refacing on your own still is a very practical approach.  Doors, fronts, drawers, and materials are usually available in hardware and home improvement stores.  You can use a new Victorian-style door to fit on your plain flush cabinet.  Add some new paint or color adjustments and you will find yourself looking into an almost brand new kitchen cabinet.  You may also add a stylish front and a brand new handle to your drawers for that added pizazz.  If you are not satisfied, then perhaps you may consider buying a superb-quality self-sticking veneer.  With these you can save plenty of time and effort, while having yourself a new texture of wood that you can easily stain and finish at the same time.

Kitchen cabinet refacing, though pretty simple to do, will give your kitchen a totally new look and feel. It is one of those easy home improvement ideas that homeowners find can really make a world of difference. You will no longer be embarrassed to have your guests come over for a dinner in your kitchen.