Zero gravity chairs, the only place a man should sit.

Zero gravity chair

When it comes to home furnishings, us guys are a pretty simple lot. I’m not too bothered about what a chair looks like, what material covers it and whether it blends with the curtains – all I’m worried about is whether it’s nice and comfy. My wife, on the other hand, will spend all day walking around furniture shops with swatches of curtain fabric and a little sample cutting of carpet trying to find some new furniture that will match –never once actually bothering to sit down and try the chairs out.

Our recent shopping expedition was just such an occasion – she dismissed chair after chair until I had to put my foot down… I had fallen in love. Fallen in love with the most comfortable chair I’d ever sat in; fallen in love with the most relaxing experience I’d ever had… I’d fallen in love with a zero gravity chair.

Inspired originally by a NASA design, this chair is every guy’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to experience the sensation of weightlessness, because that’s just what this chair does. Chiropractors recommend this type of chair more than any other to people with back trouble and with good reason – the seating position allows you to lie back with no weight going through your spine, which makes it ideal for anyone with a bad back or neck. Sitting with your feet raised above your heart level naturally lowers your blood pressure, so this type of chair is also great for people with hypertension too.

Memory foam seats ensure you’ll always have a snug and comfortable fit, but each chair is different so try a few to make sure you get the best one for your posture. You can get chairs with electric recliners so leaning back is as easy as pressing a button on a remote control, and chairs with a massage function meaning you’ll never want to get up from your seat. Available in a full range of colours and finishes you’re bound to find a chair to suit, and even one that your wife will approve of! You can also get a range of zero gravity chairs suitable for outdoors, so you can ditch that cheap plastic patio furniture and upgrade to luxurious comfort when you’re sat out in the sun.

Zero gravity chairs are sure to become a new design classic, taking over as the new rocking chair from being the most comfortable seat in your home. So whilst the chances are we won’t ever fly to the moon, at least us guys know that our next shopping adventure could leave us feeling like we just had.