The Two Different Types Of Integrated Fridge

Integrated Fridge

Refrigerators come in many makes, models and finishes.  The standard has been white painted metal since the forties, but the refrigerator has seen many other colors, such as awful green or yellow, beige and pink, or more sophisticated colors such as black, brushed metal or the standard white.  The newest thing, however, is cabinetry or wood covering.  The nice thing about the integrated fridge is that it blends better with the kitchen than anything that has come before it, including the under counter fridge.

There are two different types of integrated refrigerators.  The first is refrigerators that are designed to look like cabinets and then the same model is sold to many different people.  The benefits of this type are that it is cheaper than personally stylized refrigerators, and they have more space than personally stylized refrigerators.  They also look more like graceful wooden refrigerators as opposed to stylized refrigerators that sometimes are so well integrated that they disappear completely into the kitchen walls.

The personally stylized refrigerator is more expensive than the wooden refrigerator, but it will blend with the kitchen to the point where your visitors can’t find it, creating a comic conversation piece every time you have company over.  It blends flawlessly into the cabinetry, making it just about as ‘refrigerator-like’ as the broom closet. Some mass produced integrated models come with the option to personally stylize the coverings, making them a happy medium between the two styles.

They are the next new thing in the world of interior design, as people move away from the clunky old styles of the past, where everyone had the same thing, to the modern styles where everyone has things that are personalized specifically to their own tastes. Your kitchen will be exactly what you want it to be, no huge refrigerator towering over everyone involved.