Buying Chef Knives for a Wedding Present

Chef Knives

For wedding presents, the best things to give are household equipment that the newly married couple can use. Buying specialty chef knives for a wedding present is a good idea because knives are one of the basic things we need in the kitchen and they are probably the last thing on their mind to buy. Most newlyweds are preoccupied with the decorations more than buying the nitty gritty utensils.

Chef Knives are the perfect knives to give because of their versatility. You can use them for cutting different types of food without having to switch knives. As presents, it’s a good idea to buy them several of these knives in different sizes so that they have options.

Here are several knives that you could purchase for them:

An oyster knife is most likely something which most other guest will neglect to give. This is a knife that will stay with the couple forever, so it’s a great one to include.

A 180 mm chef knife could be used for peeling potatoes or cutting soft ingredients like tomatoes.

A 240 mm knife, meanwhile, could cut tougher vegetables like onion, cabbage and radish.

A definite must-have is the Forschner Fibrox 8″ Chef’s Knife. It has a bigger blade compared to the first two knives mentioned, it also has a wider handle with grip which keeps your hand securely in place when you hold this knife. Accidents happen when you lose your grip on it while cutting. And for only $40, you might want to get it for yourself as well.

A fine knife like the Moritaka Damascus Gyuto 210mm, would be great for cutting fish into smaller chunks especially for sushi.

Then you can also get them the Messermeister 8″ Chef Knife With Free Kitchen Shears. It has a wide blade that is good not only for cutting sturdy pieces like meat. It would also be good for dicing potatoes or nuts.

Don’t forget to include a knife holder for all of these. Every couple would love to receive this collection of chef knives.