Taking Scrapbooking to Cardboard Decorative Storage Boxes


For many people, scrapbooking is a great way to exercise creativity and to keep memories intact. A scrapbook is a wonderful gift on a special occasion, or can just be something that you keep to remind you of the meaningful moments and people in your life. Not to mention it is also affordable since you can recycle materials and be creative with them. Scrapbooking, however, should not just be limited to an actual scrapbook or notebook. One thing you can do is to take all your scrapbooking talents and focus them onto ordinary cardboard storage containers to make something unique.

Cardboard decorative storage boxes are one version of a scrapbook that is a little more interactive. You can place more on them, without being limited to things that you can stick on paper. While you can still decorate it with photos and stickers, and fill it with tickets, letters and notes just like a scrapbook, you can also put heavier and bigger items on it, like shells from the beach or small toys.

Making a cardboard decorative storage box is easy. Remember that you can use your old scrapbooking material for it. The lid of your decorative cardboard storage box is the most visible, so you should spend a lot of time considering what to do with it. You can cover it with wrapping paper, magazine cut outs, or even old fabric.

You can use your glitter glue, stickers, photos and picture frames to decorate the lid as well. However, you can also explore other options that you normally would not be able to with a normal scrapbook. For example, you can decoupage your decorative cardboard storage box, or use paper mache to decorate it. You can even make pop ups on the lid to make it more interesting.

Remember, however, that cardboard is not exactly the sturdiest material. You can keep your cardboard storage box safe by keeping it away from moisture and humidity. You can also choose, after decorating it, to cover it with layers of varnish to make it more professional looking and stronger.