Spice Up Your Kitchen With Simple Makeover Ideas


Everyone loves to have a great looking kitchen.  If yours could use a little spicing up then there are some simple and affordable things you can do.  Lets face it, kitchens can become outdated fairly quickly.  There is nothing like a little makeover to revive it and give it a new look you can be proud of.  This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money.  You really don’t have to spend a lot of time either.  Here are some ideas that are not only affordable and easy to do, they will make a big impact.

1.  Update what you have hanging on your walls —  Whether it is pictures or paintings or any decorations you currently have on your walls, a change will do wonders.  Maybe it is something as simple as changing the frames.  You could also check out different ideas for coming up with your own home-made wall decor; it’s really not as difficult as you may think to create unique wall decor.

2.  Fresh fruits or vegetables add a touch of freshness to your kitchen —  If you have not done this in the past you will be surprised at the difference it makes.  Give it a try.  This may seem too simple but place a bowl or two of fresh fruit on your counters and you will see what I mean. Another idea is to keep fresh flowers on your counter or table, or have small pot plants with herbs growing in your kitchen.

3.  Find a nice style of wallpaper —  New wallpaper can do wonders for a room, especially the kitchen.  Black and white wallpaper is a great choice and will really add a lot to the look of a kitchen.  Remember though, if using wall paper in your kitchen you will need to find something that will not become damaged with steam or humidity and preferably one that you can wipe clean.

4.  Some new light fixtures can also make a difference —  This is something that you can do yourself, believe it or not.  Go to your local Home Depot and have a look around the lighting section.  There are tons of choices and many of the models, such as those by Hampton Bay Lighting, are designed for you to install yourself.  There may be no better way to improve the look of your kitchen than to update the lighting. You could also look into installing recessed lighting for evening dinners. A simple chandelier hung over a dining table or kitchen island can also be very effective and classy.

These are all very simple things that can be done and none of them cost a lot of money.  You can easily do them yourself and will feel even better about your new look when you do it yourself–or at least as much as you can do.  Make it a weekend project to give your kitchen a little makeover and enjoy the results.