Space Saving Kids Furniture


One of the most versatile bedding/furniture arrangements for young children is the trundle bed. Trundle beds are great solutions to the problem of limited space in a room. They can also be used to accommodate guests staying over, making them great for spare guest rooms. Trundle beds allow you to sleep two to a room while only occupying the space of one bed during the day. So what exactly is a trundle bed? Here are the most basic features.

  • Trundle beds are made up of two beds, compartmentalized into the space of a single bed. Typically trundle beds feature castor wheels “trundles” that allow them to be moved to different locations.
  • Some trundle beds even feature built-in storage space, which may save you the additional space required for a chest of drawers in the room.
  • Some manufacturers also design trundle beds with headboard bookshelves and similar display areas that run along the foot part of the trundle bed. These are convenient places to rest alarm clocks, digital organisers, bags, laptops, books and other items.

Trundle beds come in many designs, yet the trundle bed part is typically standard, so unlike furniture that are designed in unique sizes such as futons that require special sized futon covers , trundle beds can accommodate standard size mattresses and bed-clothes.

Trundle beds are wide and varied, the most common kids trundle beds include the pull-out trundle bed, that simply slides out from a slot built into the main bed. The other type of kids trundle bed is the pop up trundle bed, which is a modern-day modification of the original trundle bed, which allows the pull-out bed to rise up to the level of the main bed. This is a more common option to accommodate couples who are staying over as the two beds can then be pushed close together to make up a double bed arrangement.

Young children often need company and reassurance before they can sleep at night. A trundle bed allows an older child to sleep nearby to a younger one. Knowing that someone is there should give them the security and warmth that they need to drift off to sleep in their own time. It will allow them to avoid thinking about scary and creepy things and there is someone to talk to if necessary. One of the best places to look for trundle bed is the internet. Large online websites allow you to browse through a wide variety of products to get an idea of what choices are available. Often the best deals are also to be found online and most stores offer great shipping terms, saving you time and energy.