How To Choose Hurricane Candle Holders For Your Home

Candle Holders

About Hurricane Candle Holders
If you’ve ever wanted an affordable way to instantly increase the charm and beauty of your pillar candles, you should consider hurricane candle holders. Whether you are designing the centerpieces for a formal banquet or event, or if you just want to create a relaxing evening in with friends, candle holders are a great way to enhance the look of your candles. Adding a simple glass holder will create a dazzling spectacle as light meets the reflective surface of the glass creating a perfect flicker.

Hurricane candle holders are also extremely versatile. They can be filled with marbles, flower petals, sand and shells, or any other object to create a themed decoration for pennies on the dollar. For the ultimate in elegance and class, put floating candles for pool parties inside of a hurricane vase and let imaginations run wild as fire dances effortless across the surface of the water.

Selecting The Right Candle Holder
Most hurricane candle holders come in one of three shapes. Each serves a specific purpose and incorporates a different design element into the piece. By far the most common candle holders are simple cylindrical glass holders. They are perfect for large events where there is a lot of moving people because they protect the open flame, all while dressing up a simple pillar candle into an acceptable centerpiece or accent.

Bulb hurricane candle holders are wonderful for creating a more formal decoration for your event. The ballooning effect of the glass in the center of the piece takes on an entirely new three dimensional characteristic. It is great for creating an anchor piece for a candle bouquet centerpiece, or left simply by itself in the middle of the table.

Lantern candle holders are great for outdoor events, or parties because the candle is protected from weather and wind. You will often see this style of candle holder on patios of sidewalk cafes. Lantern holders create a charming reminiscent glow of ages past.