Red Curtains Create a Cozy Feel in Country-Style Kitchens


Kitchen decorative themes range from the ever-popular country-style to rustic, ranch, Italian farmhouse and French country manor. Red window curtains of appropriate fabric, design, shade of color and mounting system complement each of these styles and go a long way toward enhancing the look of the room. The bold color creates a cozy feeling in a room that is not only a workspace, but a social gathering place as well.

Kitchen window treatments must address two main concerns: function and aesthetic appeal. Window treatments should allow natural light to brighten the workspace, yet be integrated into the décor. For  example, kitchen tier curtains do a great job of this. Curtains soften strong light and heat from the sun, while admitting natural light and contributing to a pleasant atmosphere. The unavoidable splatters and build up of odors require that kitchen window dressings be of fabrics easy to launder such as cottons, cotton blends, linens and light synthetics.

The variation in color tones can be used to enhance a decorative theme. Rustic-themed kitchens often include dark woods; café curtains in bright, solid colors such as cherry or scarlet offset the dark wood. Valances of the same or contrasting color, or with a pattern, can be used to highlight accessories such as tablecloths, pottery or glassware.

Full, ruffled red and cream curtains with curtain tie backs give a cozy elegance to a French country manor-style kitchen. This color combination blends well with light-colored wooden cabinets and furniture and provides a pleasant accent to neutral walls and floors.

Pleated red checked curtains hung in two tiers with brass rings, or eyelet curtains, create a homey feel that complements an Italian farmhouse-style kitchen. Using the same colors of checked tablecloths and napkins creates a cohesive decorative scheme.

A well-lit, attractive kitchen serves not only as a pleasant workplace, but as a gathering place for friends and loved ones. There are many fairly inexpensive curtains, such as Waverly curtains, available online. Careful selection of window dressings creates a cozy atmosphere for work and pleasure.