5 Reasons to Use a Lawn Roller or Soil Roller

Lawn Roller

Lawn rollers come in different sizes and are usually made of steel or polyethylene. They can weigh several hundred pounds when filled so be sure that you exercise caution when you use them. 1. For a Level Lawn: A lawn roller is designed to be heavy so that it can level the surface of the soil […]

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Winterizing Garden Lights

Garden Lights

When the months begin to grow colder, a lot of people start to turn their attention to shutting down the garden. It’s time to kill the garden lighting and let everything sink back to the earth. Winterizing your garden isn’t a bad idea, and the main reason for that is that everything has to take a rest […]

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Observing Butterflies in a Live Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

Ask any serious butterfly gardener and they’ll tell you that the best thing about a backyard butterfly garden is that you get countless chances to watch butterflies. The more hospitable you can make your live butterfly garden, the more you are going to learn about these beautiful winged insects. For example, let’s say that you have a hankering […]

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Polycarbonate For Your Greenhouse Covering


People who plan on building a greenhouse on their backyard often has these questions in mind: What is polycarbonate? Is it used as a greenhouse covering? There are a lot of greenhouse materials that you need, and one of them is your covering. Polycarbonate is a covering for your greenhouse. Well, this article will answer your questions. Polycarbonate  is […]

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Create A Cozy Look With Solar Lights

Solar Lights

Using outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance the appearance of your yard, both the front yard and back yard. If you are building a new home it is easy to add lighting to your home designs because you can dig trenches to install wiring without disturbing existing landscape designs, but by using solar […]

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Led Grow Lights: Revolutionary Plant Growing Technology

Led Grow Lights

Led Grow Lights are a fantastic product when touching the theme of indoor plant gardens. The fact is that they have caught lots of people’s attention due to the fact that they are extremely useful and powerful, offering incredible features. This article’s purpose is to show you why led grow lights are much more advanced than […]

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A Guide To The Three Most Used Grow Light Technologies

Grow Light

Buying a grow light or grow light system is not always a straightforward decision.  The best technology will depend on the type of plant that is being grown and its development stage.  For example some lights are better able to promote flowering while others encourage fast growth and sprouting.  In this article we provide insight […]

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Garden Anywhere with an Aerogarden


Gardening at home is rewarding, and with the Aerogarden, a big back yard is no longer a gardening requirement. Finding good, fresh produce throughout the winter can be difficult if you live in a remote location or in a northern city with a real winter. Sadly, when the availability of produce suffers, our health also […]

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How To Choose The Best LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

Finding the best LED grow lights is the way to get the most out of your indoor gardening efforts.  But do you know what you should be looking for?  Do you know what makes for the best LED grow lights?  If not, then here are the things you need to know about LED grow lights.The first thing […]

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Which Garden Carts Are Best For You?

Garden Carts

Have you been looking at garden carts to help you when you make the decision to work out in the garden? If you would love to find a cart to fit your needs then you need to have an idea of what is out there and what you will want to keep in mind as […]

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