Polycarbonate For Your Greenhouse Covering


People who plan on building a greenhouse on their backyard often has these questions in mind: What is polycarbonate? Is it used as a greenhouse covering? There are a lot of greenhouse materials that you need, and one of them is your covering. Polycarbonate is a covering for your greenhouse. Well, this article will answer your questions.

Polycarbonate  is a plastic type. In terms of weight, it is just one-sixth the weight of glass, which makes this material light. It is almost unbreakable as it is 200x more stronger than glass. It has UV protection on one or both sides, making it weather-resistant. Its insulation is remarkable and its flexibility is undeniable. Plus, it is easy to set up.

You can buy it in solid sheets, corrugated, or multiwall. The usual picks for greenhouse glazing are the corrugated and multiwall. This may be due to the fact that the solid sheets are not purchasable with a UV protection on one side. The UV protection will prevent the sheets from yellowing or getting frangible. People may think that having this protection may affect the transmission of light, but this is not true. The sheets with one-sided UV protection  are usually assured for ten years against yellowing and breaks. This will differ from brands to brands. Sheets with UV protection on both sides are also available, and it is usually used for walling as both sides are open to sunlight. Good as it may seem, it is relatively expensive and unnecessary.

Corrugated sheets are polycarbonates that are very flat. It is available in two styles: the wavy and the greca. Though is it nice to have in your greenhouse, it does not offer as much insulation as a twin wall sheet do.

Polycarbonate is a durable material that you can use in your greenhouse. Since setting this up is easy, you will not be wasting your time installing this. Polycarbonate offers you a covering for you greenhouse that will ensure protection and durability.