Oil Filled Radiators vs. Other Space Heaters

Oil Filled Radiators

If you’re looking for a way to stay warm this winter while still keeping your utility bills at a reasonable level, then space heaters can be the answer. The right space heater can keep the room you’re in at a comfortable level of warmth for you without raising your utility bills great deal. You can turn your whole house thermostat down and focus on heating just the rooms you use which will save you money. There are many different kinds of space heaters available today, but some have clear advantages over others.

The standard electric space heater has been a fixture in many homes for decades. Today’s models are much safer but they still have some clear disadvantages. Depending on the type you choose, they can be a serious fire hazard if they are too close to something that’s flammable, if they’re tipped over or if they overheat. They can also be dangerous around pets and children.

Halogen space heaters are an option that uses halogen elements to create heat that radiates out into the room. One of the biggest disadvantages with these heaters is that if you plan to use them at night while you’re sleeping, they do also light up the room a bit.

Oil filled radiators, like the Delonghi Safe Heat Radiator are sealed units that contain an oil that’s heated to a proper temperature. The unit cycles off and on, keeping the oil warm and allowing that heat to radiate out into the room. Because the unit doesn’t run constantly, it uses less energy and costs less to run. An oil filled radiator heater is also extremely safe because there’s no open flame or hot element that could catch something on fire. It won’t light up the room and is perfectly safe to use while you’re sleeping, making it a great overall space heater for daytime and nighttime use.