Ceiling Fan Trends: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

Some items that are used in the home can be both decorative and functional. Ceiling fans that are on the market today fit this description, perfectly. Harbor Breeze is one of the major ceiling fan manufacturers to watch. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are available in a vast array of materials and offer several different features, as well. The fans at Harbor Breeze are made in sizes ranging from 42 inches to 60 inches and the 52 inch sizes are the most popular. In addition, many of their items have been approved by Energy Star as an energy-efficient option such as, their fan that features a black matte finish.

The traditional style of their ceiling fan has five blades and features a motor to turn the blades. Many models are available with adjustable speeds, as well, if you prefer. The blades are made from various materials including genuine wood, woven wicker and attractive plastic options, as well.

Some decorative options are designed with a light fixture attached to the fan and features dome light options or light fixtures that are held in place with metal prongs for decorative lamp shades. Ceiling fans are primarily used in residential homes and is not typically used in business settings. Industrial ceiling fans are the option that are typically chosen for businesses because they are much larger and more powerful, which enables them to cool off a much larger area than traditional decorative ceiling fans. One of the main uses for industrial ceiling fans in businesses is to dry ink in certain industries. Industrial fans are commonly used in buildings and companies that do print work. Another place where industrial ceiling fans are used is in professional photography industries, as well, to dry the ink to the paper in a dark room. Whether ceiling fans are being used for residential or industrial purposes, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Harbor Breeze.