Effective Ways to Clean and Care for Corian Countertops

Corian Countertops

Whether your home was previously designed with corian countertops or if you have personally chosen this elegant style to design your home bathroom or kitchen, your next greatest concern after the installation process will be maintaining the appearance and quality by cleaning and caring for your new countertops.

So how exactly should you go about cleaning and caring for your countertops? As a general rule, your highest priority is likely going to be to preserve them for as long as you possibly can. Fortunately, with proper care these countertops can last your for years or even decades to come.

Kitchen counters require intricate care in order to preserve them, as this is a main area within your home that guests will likely often see. The first initial step that you should take to cleaning your corian countertop is to completely wipe the surface to ensure that you have removed any crumbs that may be lying around.

When cleaning your countertop, it is only necessary to use warm water and soap. However, if you choose to use any chemical cleaning products, be sure that the product is safely approved for use on corian counters.

Once you have fully cleaned the surface, be sure that you use a clean dry cloth to ensure that the surface is fully dried. If you are not careful to do this, there will likely be a build up of film over time on your countertops, essentially dulling the appearance as well as trapping bacteria and other unwanted germs to the surface of your countertops.

Once weekly, set time apart to disinfect your countertops and remove bacteria. If you prefer, you can use an anti-bacterial agent such as Lysol or, to do it simply at home, just mix a small amount of equal parts water and bleach. This will successfully remove any bacteria, however, do not use this method more than once weekly or you will risk discoloration of your counters.