Country Room Decorating Using Picket Fences

Picket Fences

Picket fence motifs are very popular in country room decorating design along with eyelet lace curtains. This can seem a little bit cheesy at first. However, most Americans will say that their dream home includes a picket fence. Usually this is on the outside of the home. However, you can just really change this up and bring it into the interior even if you just live in an apartment building. It can also be more elegant to match tapestry rugs.

This is a fun motif to use for craft projects. You can easily create this look quite simply just with Popsicle sticks. Then of course you have to paint them white. This is a motif that you could trace onto a card. Another option would be to glue it to a picture frame. You could also use felt cutouts on a pillow. Even if you don’t use actual wood it’s just very easy to recognize this motif. Even if you aren’t an artist you can probably can cut or draw a straight line which is all this style really takes.

Consider this for your artwork. For instance you could just take photographs of rail picket fences and then turn them into a black and white or sepia tone. This is a more modern approach to decor and the larger the photograph the bigger the impact it makes. This really gives a more contemporary look to a very country kind of element. This is perfect if you’re trying to mix the modern and country kinds of design styles.

This can also be something that you use on your furniture. For a girl’s room try building or buying a headboard that really replicates this. This can be the centerpiece of a garden room and it’s going to coordinate beautifully with any kind of white dresser or nightstand that you might already have in the space.