How To Add Mirrors To A Modern Home


When incorporating mirrors into the decor of a room, it is not simply a matter of hanging a large mirror on the wall and hoping for the best. Unless you carefully consider what will be reflected, your room may look larger and brighter, but also cold and sterile. A mirror placed opposite of a window […]

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Tiffany Lighting Lamps

Tiffany Lighting

Tiffany is a lighting style that originated at the turn of the century in the hands of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Beginning as a stack of cut off glass edges, the first Tiffany lamp shade was a collection of over one hundred individual pieces soldered together. The stained glass pattern was further enhanced with the use […]

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Sprucing Up The Kids Room with Wall Art

Wall Art

Sometimes a new coat of paint in a bedroom just doesn’t cut it for originality. If you’ve been struggling to find ideas for how to decorate your kids room, consider using something like kids wall art to really spice things up a bit. Wall art obviously comes in many different styles and themes, which is why it’s […]

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