Are Portable Air Conditioners Good Ideas For Big Rooms?

Portable Air Conditioners

Nowadays portable air conditioners are made in all sizes, shapes and power output levels, so just because you have large room in your house doesn’t mean you can’t choose a portable model, but it does mean you have to be careful with your selection.

At the upper end of the scale a 17,000 BTU machine is usually recommended to cool a room size of up to 500 square feet. These are liable to be around ten times more expensive than a 8000 BTU model for a 200 square feet room, and will also have higher running costs month to month, so it is wise to take time considering the power of your air conditioner.

In reality you would usually only need a really high specification unit for commercial use. In your home a 14,000 BTU unit might be the upper requirement. Shopping around online can secure you good deals on these machines, with significant savings on standard retail prices, so it pays to put some time to the research.

For six or seven hundred dollars you can usually get a good model that will be of a sleek and stylish design, using evaporative technology for effective moisture removal as well as a dual hose system for efficient cooling. These will probably have a number of fan speeds allowing you to moderate the cooling intensity as you work.

The units are usually mounted on caster wheels for easy portability, but please note that the more powerful machines are heavier and so cannot be moved around from to room as easily as the less powerful machines. Therefore, you need to consider who will be using the unit.

A portable air conditioner may have a window-mounting system and exhaust hoses supplied. Carefully checking the details of what you are getting for your purchase is essential and, if buying online, make sure that suitable warranties are provided.