Try Just Changing The Vanity Mirror

Vanity Mirror

Sometimes refreshing the look of your bathroom might seem impossible because of the costs involved. But you don’t have to redo an entire bathroom to give it a touch of newness. For example you can change a few inexpensive items and change the look completely. It is obvious that you cannot change the look by just changing the color of the towels or buying a new soap dish. There is however in your bathroom a very large item that when changed will transform the entire bathroom. I am referring to the vanity mirror.

Mirrors can look old because of their style or because they have aged and look tarnished in ways that you cannot correct. Most of the time style is the give away for age as all home built at a particular period had the same style baths.

You don’t have to change the whole vanity if you don’t want to but you could or you could change the look of an old vanity with a little paint. If you had a large mirror installed you might consider replacing it with two smaller round mirrors above each sink, flanked by good bathroom lighting and the whole room would take a new appearance.

You can find great looking contemporary mirrors on line that are suitable for bathrooms, some even have an integrated light rim that flatters your face rather than show with glaring audacity each imperfect line you would prefer to avoid.

You might go in another direction and instead of modernizing the bathroom look you might add a frame to a frameless mirror to make it look ancient. You can pick up inexpensive frames at flea markets or at online auctions for almost nothing, a little gold paint and you could have a great look.

Before ordering your new bathroom mirror or frame make sure you have the proper dimensions and that it will fit in the space where you intend to use it. Nothing is more frustrating than getting what you want and finding out that it does not fit.