Top Three Styles of Glass Tables

Glass Table

Glass tables are a beautiful style that can work great in just about any home.  There are also a lot of different styles and types to choose from.  This article gives you the three most popular styles.

A great choice is frosted glass.  This adds a very stylish and modern look to a room.  Plus, you don’t necessarily have to get your table in all frosted glass.  The contrast between the soft colors of frosted glass and clear glass can be used to create beautiful patterns that will make your table a beautiful attention-grabber.

Glass tables come in many different colors, but black glass is certainly one of the most popular.  Black glass tends to lend a very modern and contemporary feel to a room.  It can create a professional and more formal look.  If you have a very modern design for your home, and are looking for a glass table to complement it, then black glass is the way to go.

Although glass dining tables are the most popular, you can also choose a glass coffee table.  Coffee tables are traditionally much lower in height than dining tables, but you can find this style in glass.  An all glass coffee table adds a modern flare to your living room, while a wicker coffee table with a glass top can create a very casual look.  You can even have a dark metal frame, and use a glass top to have some contrast and make the metal seem less harsh.  There are so many different ways to use a glass coffee table in your living room!

A glass dining table or a glass coffee table is a great choice for any home.  Whether you are using it in a formal setting with dining room chairs upholstered in elegant patterns, or in a casual setting, there is a style out there that is perfect for you!