Tips for Cleaning Your Stained Toilet Bowl

Toilet Bowl

A clean toilet bowl clearly defines what kind of persons is living in a household. Nothing is more embarrassing than a filthy and stained toilet bowl especially if you often have guests on the house paying you a visit most of the time. Your toilet bowl is the most prone thing to molds and mildews since water and moist is part of its function for every usage. Cleaning a stained bowl can be a bit hard for your part not only because of the scrubbing part plus the fact that the toilet bowl contains millions of germs and bacteria’s that can infect anyone who has a direct contact with them. Simple steps are listed below to be followed by any individual who plans to clean their toilet bowls.

  1. Choosing the perfect toilet cleaner that disinfects and removes the stains caused by running water is the very first thing to consider. You can make a choice of choosing between the hundreds of brand cleaners in the market, just make sure to purchase the most reliable one that provides best results. When applying the cleaner make sure that you apply it also under the toilet rim where the water enters to prevent the hardened water from clogging the pathways to let the water flow freely.
  2. Put into mind never to sue metal scouring pads or sharp tools in brushing or rubbing the toilet bowls since most of the bowls are made of porcelains. If you defy that you will end up scratching your toilet bowls leaving those unsightly marks and line that can worsen the bowls appearance. It is better to use bristled brush or puma stones because these kinds are tested to do magic on your bowls.
  3. If the regular toilet bowl cleaner and severe scrubbing does not work with all the stains still left on the bowl you can have a choice to choose between the strong kinds of chemically formulated cleaners like CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust), Meuric Acid and bleaches offered in the market. However even if this products are sure to solve your problem, you should take into consideration that the chemicals in the products are highly hazardous to ones health. Hence it is better to wear safety garments to protect yourself from being physically injured.