Shower Curtain With A Theme

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains give bathrooms style and edge. They can make your bathroom look bright or dark, happy or gloomy, elegant or casual. Also, they come in different varieties. There is an extra long shower curtain and also short ones. There are those that are made of vinyl and those that are made of fabric. With all of these different types and varieties of this particular bathroom equipment, the dilemma of buyers is what to buy. Of course from the big selection of shower curtains in the malls and department stores, it would not be easy to choose the best. But in this article, there are a few tips to help you select your best choice.

First, you have to think of a theme for your bathroom. It may sound awkward but a beautiful bathroom is one with a theme. There are many to choose from such as tropical theme, business-like, colourful, kiddy theme, etc. When you have chosen one, stick to that theme.

Next is to paint your bathroom wall according to your theme. If you have a kiddy theme, you can paint your walls with yellow or electric blue in order to make it stand out for your kid. You can even put a wall paper that is kiddy-style. Next is to add some things in order to arrange your bathroom according to it. For example, a tropical theme would mean having wooden or bamboo items such as buying a potted plant or decorating your wall with bamboo sticks. You can even put a wooden towel stand as if you are in the beach.

When you have arranged things in your bathroom or replaced some things in order to suit your theme, then it’s time to finally look for shower curtains that is perfect for your theme. A business-like or formal theme would mean architectural design for the curtain. It could be chequered or that which is full of geometric shapes, even stripes will do. You can also choose if you’ll go for vinyl or fabric. Vinyl curtains are more durable compared to fabric because the latter would sometimes create mildew if it is left damp. However fabric ones give the bathroom a more elegant look than the vinyl.

What’s important is that you can stick to your theme with whatever design is there in your curtain. It would then complete the makeover of your bathroom.