Setting up A Child’s Play Room Does Not Have to be Expensive

Play Room

A playroom for children is the same thing as a recreational room for adults. The only difference is the type of toys in it. This room should be a place of relaxing and having some fun and does not have to cost a fortune. If you are thinking of setting a room up for your child’s playroom, there are few things to keep in mind.

Safety is first when setting up a room for a child. Making sure plastic wall socket covers cover all outlets. Take the time to secure all windows and make sure there are not harmful chemicals in the room. This is especially true if you are planning to turn your basement into the playroom. Certain floor areas can be kept safer with rubber mats placed where the child is playing.

If you plan to be working in another part of the house, make sure that you can hear the children why they are playing in the playroom. Do not leave them for a very long time. Baby monitors are a good way of listening to your children in the playroom while you wash up those dishes in the kitchen.

The room needs to be appealing and bright. This will only entice the children’s interest in the room. Hang wallpaper with their favorite characters on it.

Place inexpensive heavy-duty carpet or a rug on the floor. This will keep children from sliding on the floor especially if there is a spill. Everything in the room needs to be washable for those occasions when an accident happens. Place the heavier items or toys on the floor, where they are less likely to fall on the child. Put colorful items into the room to attract the attention of the children and keep them out of mischief.

Always, place the lighter weight toys or items at eye level of the children. Bookshelves are a great idea for a child’s playroom. Model cars, dolls and even books are set on the shelves. Fasten the bookshelves securely to the walls so there will be no accidents of the shelves falling on the children. Let the children help you decorate the room so they will feel they have made the room theirs and give them a sense of responsibility. They also know where everything is if they are involved in placing the items in the room.

Adding games or other activities is a good idea. If you have more than one child or they have friends over to play then you may want to invest in some board games. There are people who like to put video game systems in the playroom for the little older child. Craft ideas are always a help in getting the creative juices in the brain working. Make sure you areas set up to store your craft supplies and do not forget to place a trashcan in the room somewhere.

If your children love music, then set up a karaoke machine with a floor section designed for the stage area. They can perform on stage for you and all their friends. They can even learn to take turns at singing on the stage with their siblings or their friends.

Designate a cabinet for storing supplies such as wipes, hand sanitizers, paper towels and other clean items. Keep in mind that this needs to be locked or out of reach of little hands.

A playroom should be functional, look good and be organized. Teaching the children to pick up after themselves will instill a sense of self-esteem and confidence that they have accomplished something very important. The setting up of a child’s playroom should involve all of the family members in order to make everyone feel they have a big part in the design of something special.

Keep in mind you can find many items at second hand stores in very good condion that will be easy on the pockebook.

When deciding what to put into the playroom as far as furniture, consider who will be using the room and who will be cleaning the room. Plastic furniture is a great idea for setting up a child’s playroom especially as a table and chairs. These clean ups can be easily done after any spills have happened. Setting up a sofa for the children is a nice touch to the room. Of course, if you planning on your children doing some reading then you will need to install a bookshelf with plenty of books. Staying involved with your children will be priceless to you and to them. Remember to have fun while you work on this project.