Preparing for and Installing Your New Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Bath Shower Mixer

Bath mixer taps are an innovative product that makes it easy to take a shower when the proper shower equipment is not available for use. The great thing about these plumbing miracles is there is hardy any plumbing work necessary to install one.

However, before doing so, you must make sure the water supply does not come from the main pipes, as water pressure could be a problem and of course, the water should be turned off before starting to avoid an unwanted shower. Do this by wither turning off its main water supply or by using the stopcock, if one is available on your tub.

There are different styles of these bath shower mixer taps available and the one you choose should match not only your personality, but also the type of showering experience you are looking for. Once the perfect one is chosen, it is time to prepare to install it. Using a pipe wrench, loosen the nuts and then loosen or remove the old caulking.

After, remove the old faucet so you can clean the area. You want to be certain the tub is clean and free of all dirt and debris as well as any old caulking that may hinder the new caulking from holding properly. Scrub the area where the new tap will go and dry it thoroughly.

Then, before aligning the new tap in the old hole, apply a tiny amount of new caulk and sit it into place. Press down slightly to make sure the caulking seals so it dries watertight. Tighten the nuts by hand and then using your pipe wrench again, tightens both water pipe fittings and you are almost ready to go.

After the caulking has at least 24 hours to dry, test the water pressure to make sure the seal is airtight. Then, attach your shower head and you are now ready for a shower with your new bath taps.