Kids Bedroom Decor

Kids Bedroom Decor

When you are planning on decorating your kids’ bedroom, it might be fun to let them help design the room. Even if your child is still fairly young they will be sure to offer you a lot of insights on how they would like their room to appear and its actual setup as well.

Fortunately, you do not have to have a large budget in order to make a child’s room both kid-friendly and well decorated.  In fact, you may not want to outlay a lot of money on your child’s decor initially, as children do tend to change their minds fairly often when it comes to favorite color schemes, characters and even on the type of play or activities they enjoy.  For this reason, you may want to consider shopping at  bargain department stores, at least for the bedroom accessories, as they offer just about everything you need to make a beautiful kids bedroom without it costing a lot of money.

One popular idea when it comes to designing a child’s bedroom is to choose one of your child’s favorite cartoon characters and design the room based on the movie or cartoon of their choice. Starting with a bedding set will help you to get the color scheme together then it is pretty simple from there. You will find mats and wall hangings available, and you can also often pick up toy boxes that feature their current favorite hero at the same time.

When choosing kids bedroom decor it is essential to make sure that everything is “kid friendly”.  Low, easy to open drawers and shelving that is easily accessed is great for kids’ bedrooms. Making their toy system simple to organize will reduce stress on your side since it will be easier for your kids to clean up their rooms.

Choosing high priced, breakable items to put into your kids room decor scheme is not a good idea. Kids tend to be quite hard on their toys and belongings,  so you may want to wait until your child is older and has proven their responsibility before purchasing expensive yet breakable items. If you do want to add some expensive decorative items in your child’s room you may want to purchase items that can be placed higher up, out of reach. For example, wall hangings that are placed out of the child’s reach would be suitable. If you have higher cupboards or shelves in the room you could also place other decorative items such as vases in that location–although be careful about this, many children delight in climbing up and playing with things that are supposedly ‘out of their reach’!

Painting the walls can be a family fun activity. It is important to keep a window open or make sure there is plenty of air flow to the room when painting with small children around. Allowing them to help paint will make them feel special and make them respect their room more. Even allowing them to finger paint on the wall will help them both enjoy helping you paint and keep them occupied at the same time. If you live in a rented apartment you may want to limit the type of child painting that is done. Also, be wary of painting with dark colored paints in a room as they are sometimes quite difficult to paint over. A little research before initiating your paint job should be done to ensure that it is not going to be difficult to change later.

When you choose your kids’ bedroom decor it’s also important to choose a theme they won’t get sick of quickly. Choose a theme that they will love for a longer amount of time so that you don’t have to keep redecorating it when they outgrow it.  That may not be easily done however, as children do change their minds quite quickly. This is again, why I would recommend, going for the cheaper priced accessories initially–it will not be as costly to keep up with their changing preferences.

Using bunk beds or a smaller mattress in kids’ shared rooms is a great way to make more playing area available. Once you’ve finished with the bedroom decor it’s important to show your kids where each thing goes so that they know they are responsible for keeping their room clean from then on.

Since they will be excited about their new room, the first month or so will probably be pretty easy and they will keep it nice and tidy, when they get bored with it, you may need to come up with fun rewards for your children in order to help them to keep their room cleaned up better.