Indoor Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs have generally been thought of as an outdoor piece of entertainment furniture. However, there are those that want to put their hot tub inside their home so that they can use this at any time during the day and during all kinds of weather. But, in order to accomplish this successfully, you are going to have to make sure that there are several aspects in order to make the home ready to take on the hot tub.

First things first, the room that you are going to house the hot tub in must be able to stand up to the water that is going to be splashed onto the floors through people getting in and out and just splashing in general. In addition, consider the condensation that is going to be in the room because of the steam that is going to be enveloping the room during use. Therefore, one  thing that the room should have is floors that are going to be able to stand up against the water, carpet is definitely a no no. Most people find that tile or linoleum works best. Hardwood is okay, but people should realize that some types of hardwood when getting wet, starts to buckle. In terms of the room, wallpaper should be avoided as the steam will just strip the wallpaper from the walls. A paint job on the walls is the best way to make sure that the walls are going to stay fresh looking.

You should also make sure that the floors are going to be able to hold an indoor hot tub filled with water. Just because you are putting this on a first floor, you should not assume that the floors are strong enough. Many people find out the hard way that they are not and they have to have a lot of construction done on the house in order to get it back to normal.

Also remember that putting the hot tub inside could be a job in itself. The person is going to find that the hot tub may be unable to even make it through the doors of the rooms that you are considering to put it in. This is something that must be thought of beforehand.

As an alternative, you may want to consider looking at the range of spa bathtubs that are available. They are made specifically for indoor use yet come with many of the same features that a larger outdoor hot-tub have. Prices are comparable and you will have the assurance that your spa bath tub is specifically designed for indoor use.