Home Improvement By Attic Stair Insulation

Stair Insulation

Considering the various steps taken to be energy efficient, these days to not only save money but also to improve the environment, attic stair insulation is one of the areas that can make a difference in the efficiency of energy used. From protecting the loss of heat to preserving the cool air from the air conditioner, this is an area that can be addressed. Attic stairs were not always a priority but the more focused owners get on energy efficiency homes, the more ways to improve are discovered.

Weather-stripping the stairs is an important step toward the insulating process. The tight seal created by insulation is what protects the air coming in and out of the attic. Hot air escaping to the attic can create mold and mildew. Cold air that escapes here is a waste of electricity. The opening for the stairs obviously creates some problems discussed here. However, those can be addressed with the proper insulation.

Manufactured by different companies, attic stair insulation can be installed by professionals. Having a representative from a chosen company come to inspect the area and see what specifics are needed to correct the problem is an option. Free inspection to give an estimate of the service work required should be available. There are different things a representative may see besides the obvious that would make sure that the money invested is well spent.

There are different companies online that can be reviewed and information gathered on the installation process and the associated fees. Consumer reviews are a great way to dispel anxiety about a company, whether well known or little known. Consumers that have used a company and have had installation can share how well the job was done and how the insulation has fared over time. This can be a real revelation source for the person looking for direction.