Going Green, Growing Green, Saving Green


Homeowners are finding that doing their own landscaping not only saves them money, but gives them a sense of pride when strolling through their lawns of lush grass. Many are feeling the pinch of our tough economic times and are exchanging vacations for gardening of all sorts. Some are planting large and small gardens alike that support their vegetable needs. Some are even growing and selling vegetables grown in their garden, which helps some make ends meet. Many people are making attempts to grow their grass, flowers and vegetables organically.

A lot of people are finding out that using organic methods to grow plants is saving the earth from chemicals that break down nutrients in soil. Beyond saving the earth, growing and eating organic vegetables reduces the risks associated with chemicals used in plant production. While there are health benefits when using organic methods, there are also substantial savings for those choosing to compost scraps for fertilizer and mixing soap for pesticide mixtures.

Many find that compost scraps are adding earthworms to speed up the composting time, some use their worms for personal fishing bait, and others sell them to the public for bait. Compost is a natural fertilizer that has been proven to not only be healthy for plants, it also aids in repairing damaged soil by adding micronutrients and much-needed bacteria back into stripped soil.

Those that are growing gardens also tend to try their luck at growing other plants such as flowers and other types of ornamentals. Having beautiful flowers blooming in raised flower beds surrounding other landscaping plants has a beautiful impact on the overall appearance of a home. One thing many people don’t know when they invest in landscaping such as planting trees, growing grass, and installing watering systems, is that it dramatically increases the value of the home and land. In fact, landscaping added to a property adds more value than installing a pool.