Decorating Around White Cottage Style Furniture

White Cottage Style Furniture

White cottage style furniture can seem a little bit plain at first. This is why it’s important to incorporate it into the rest of the room. It does have pretty simple lines and basic paint finishes. However, it can be the base for a very specific and feminine kind of design style but can also work in a black and white room.

You can try painting the walls behind this furniture. Another option would be to go with wallpaper, which is going to give you more of a feminine kind of pattern. This could even be an oversized floral print if you wanted flowers but in more contemporary kinds of ways.

You can also really accent this with a lot of different accessories. A great way to do this is just a terra-cotta pot. You can use different chalkboard stickers on the front to mark the plants or flowers. You could also just put a lamp inside one of these for a very unique decorative accessory. You can also paint the pots with different colors and patterns for a whimsical kind of look. This is a great inexpensive craft project but it really is going to bring that garden feeling into your own home.

You’ll also want to pay attention to things like bed skirts and window treatments. They should all have white in them just so that it coordinates with your furniture and helps soften the harsh wood pieces. Plaids are a staple in the country kind of style. In this case you should have more feminine color palettes in pink and yellow as well as green. In fact these colors can all be together. Depending on how you style the rest of the room this is the perfect color palette for a little girl’s room, guest room, or even a master bedroom as long as you keep it sophisticated enough. You can also put this on lampshades or use it as artwork.