Custom Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower

So you have decided to renovate your bathroom and have to decide about the new glass shower doors. There’s plenty of choice about in shower doors, but first you have to know what you are looking for. Are you putting a shower over a bathtub or a shower pan? What type of opening will you have? Will you go for framed or frameless glass shoer doors? What glass will you use? When you get to this point and the choices seem endless why not consider having a completely unique shower door.

By considering a custom shower door, you still have to decide how you want the shower door to open, and whether you want or need to have frames on the doors, but when you get to choosing the glass you can opt for something really special. Most custom glass doors are made with clear glass that has a design applied to the glass by etching or frosting. The design can be as obscure as you choose and the amount of privacy achieved will depend upon how much of the glass is frosted. If you like to be an individual then custom shower doors will appeal to you.

A Custom glass shower door will have whatever design you choose on it. It can be etched or frosted and will be as personal as you want it to be.  I have seen designs that consist of initials intertwined or  boats reflecting a sailing hobby or passion, which would look good in a nautically themed bathroom. Although you may wish to take care with the design as anything too personal may make selling your house later interesting!

With custom glass shower doors you will still have all the same decisions to make regarding frames and openings, but you can choose the glass to be really stunning!