A Double Glazed Window Is Made Of Polycarbonate Materials

Double Glazed Window

A double glazed window is a modern window made from man-made polycarbonate material which is very durable and does not warp. The polycarbonate frame is built around two panes of glass that are separated between the panes with either air or a gas. Their efficiency is determined by their R factor, and the higher the R factor the higher the efficiency of the style of window. A window made with air between panes is considered to be rated at R2. When two panes are separated by gases they are rated a factor of R3, which means the gas filled window is more efficient than the air filled window.

There are many different styles of double glaze windows. One of the more popular styles is the double glazed sash windows. These windows can easily be opened by sliding the bottom up in order to allow air to flow into the home on those cool breezy spring or fall days. There is also a double hung glazed window that opens by sliding either the top of the window down or bottom of the window up. Double glaze windows are being seen on more and more homes these days because everyone is becoming more conscious of the deteriorating environment and want to conserve energy.

The UPVC framed double glazed window is not only more energy efficient than the traditional wood or aluminum framed windows but they are also much lighter and easier to install. It is also much more durable than the wood frames. The cost of these windows is more than the cost of traditional window but with their energy efficiency, savings on utility bills and overall added value to the home they pay for themselves just after the first season. The next time you visit the glass store or the neighborhood home improvement store take the time to check out their display of double glazed windows and see what you are missing.